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Скейтборд SK8KINGS AXE III Woody Complete (SLALOM)

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Скейтборд-комплект от Известного Американского бренда . 

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WOODY AXE SERIES - Axe III Complete - MICRO-LAM Hard Rock Maple Construction

The Woody Series Axe III features the exact specs of the Ultimate carbon fiber version but in extra affordable all maple construction.

Order your WOODY AXE III ready to race out of the box.  Fully loaded with select quality components -- the Woody Axe III complete comes expertly built and tweeked for performance to suit the rider and intended discipline. Our Axe decks are your #1 choice for slalom racing, freeriding, long distance pumping - and can also be set up as a street cruiser by moving the truck location in rear and adding a tail skid plate. The Axe III is sized-up for stable turning at speed and is ideal for hybrid and giant slalom with adjustable wheelbase options. Not just for slalom racing -- this complete can be configured to function great for non-racng too -- max fun for carving/cruising, ditches or just longboarding around town. Let us know what you want to do with it and we'll work it out.


  • Deck: Features the latest Axe III Woody Series Deck
  • Trucks: Bennett Vector 4.3 front / Randal RII 125mm 35d rear overhauled with custom bushing combos (Khiro & Tracker blend) based on rider weight/purpose
  • Wheels: Sk8Kings Turbo Composite Core Wheels (70 mm/duro mix - or comparable  - subject to availability)
  • Bearings: Nitro Abec 5 Bearings with steel bearing spacers installed
  • Hardware/Parts: Khiro hardware and parts - custom wedge/dewedge truck set-up
  • Grip: Sk8Kings Medium Hardcore Grip Tape (black) for max foot grip

    The AXE Woody Series Decks feature:

    • Overall dimensions: 33 1/2" x 9" Dual Wheelbase Options: 22 & 23"
    • Micro-Lam Construction: Hard rock maple micro-lam cores - for light weight, performance drive and durability
    • Fully-routered wheel wells nose and tail - which offers an even lighter snappier feel than ever before
    • Non-cambered race ready molded concave for perfect foot placement
    • Revolutionary Torsion Tail concept - rear truck mounted in the kicktail angle - a natural tail kick foot wedge (we introduced this concept in 2003 - changing slalom deck design from then on)
    • Front dual wheel wells for extra wheelbase options and amazing versatility
    • Pre-drilled multiple truck mounts - nose and tail - to shorten or lengthen your wheelbase
    • Functional Kick Tail rear mount truck with skid plate to fit option available upon request - not pre-drilled
    • Axe III Woody graphic Black Metal flake/Glow-in-the-Dark colorway
    • Also available in the Ultimate Series Carbon Fiber construction - see related items below
    • Manufactured in small batches in So Cal USA
    • Axe Series Decks have been winning World Championships since 2004
    • Decks sold separately or as customized completes

    CUSTOM BUILT FOR YOU: Specify rider weight when ordering AND what discipline you intend to ride the most (ie - racing hybrid/GS or a non-racing application) so we can use the correct wheelbase and dial all components accordingly. To make your setup even more versatile -- choose the "Alternative bushing combo" upgrade and you will receive an additional bushing setup (for a softer or stiffer ride to suit another style, course size, etc.)

    OPTIONAL UPGRADES - Available for this Complete (choose when ordering):

    • High Performance Trucks: Choose from the list at checkout to upgrade for the ultimate set-up to suit your budget.  
    • Wheels: Upgrade to Turbo Aluminum Core Wheels at a sweet price!  Or choose from the list at checkout to upgrade wheels & make special durometer requests in the "NOTES" section if needed.
    • Riptide Pivot Cups: Upgrade from stock truck pivot cup to premium cups by Riptide
    • Aircraft Steel Kingpins: Replace standard kingpins in stock trucks (Bennett, Tracker or Randal) with extra strong Aircraft standard kingpin bolts.
    • Back-up Bushings: Bushings are essential for top performance. Order backup sets for your trucks and be ready when you need to be. Choose "premium" for this upgrade to receive a duplicate of the premium bushings included in this build.
    • Alternative Bushing Combo: To make your setup even more versatile -- choose this upgrade to receive an additional bushing combo for your trucks to suit the opposite discipline. Just pop the other combo in your trucks, adjust your wheelbase and you're ready to go.
    • Bearing Upgrade: Choose from available options
    • Oust Bearing Maintenance Bundle: Includes one bottle of Oust Metol Speed Lube and one Oust Speed Kleen Bearing Wash Kit at a special bundle price savings. Remove dirt and buildup from bearings with the Kleen Kit and relube with Metol Speed lube. 
    • Custom Grip Top - Choose from several grip tape variations.
    • Logo Tee/Hoodie/Hat: Save $5 on a logo T-shirt, Hoodie or Hat when ordered with a deck or complete. Choose the item to add and indicate logo choice and size in the notes section when ordering
    Bennett Vector 4.3 + Randal RII
    Габариты, ШхГхВ
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